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2023-24 R2 Maitri Cultural Partnerships First Nations Collaboration Grants

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The Centre for Australia-India Relations 

Thank you for your interest in the Centre for Australia-India Relations (the Centre) 2023-24 Competitive Maitri Cultural Partnership Grant Opportunity. Please read this page and ensure your activity meets the eligibility requirements set out in the Grant Guidelines. Also ensure you fill out this SmartyGrant form correctly, and include all information asked in the 3 Criterion questions (there is a 500-word allowance).  Applications received as attachments will not be assessed.

Refer to sections 2.1 (Maitri Cultural Partnerships Major Collaboration Grants); 2.2 (Maitri Cultural Partnerships First Nations Collaboration Grants) and 2.3 (Cultural Partnerships Grants Collaboration Grants) of the Grant Guidelines for information on the three grant streams.

The Centre’s mission is to promote and coordinate enhanced co-operation and exchange between Australia and India. The Centre will do this by lifting contemporary India literacy in Australia while deepening cultural understanding. The Centre will achieve this by harnessing the expertise of India diaspora networks in Australia and elevating public discourse focusing on four complementary pillars:

  1. Promoting policy dialogue
  2. Building India business literacy and links
  3. Engaging Australia’s Indian diaspora communities to support the bilateral relationship
  4. Deepening cultural connections and understanding.

To deepen our education, cultural and policy links, the Centre will deliver Maitri (“friendship” in Sanskrit) Programs worth $20.7 million, including scholarships, fellowships, research and cultural partnerships grants.  $1.5 million is available through this 2023-24 Maitri Cultural Partnership Grant Opportunity. This grant opportunity comprises three distinct grant opportunities (or individual streams of funding).

Each grant opportunity requires applicants to develop, implement or deliver collaboration activities, events, or projects (‘the activity’), or plan and implement peer-to-peer or organisation to organisation collaborations that meet the eligibility requirements and objectives of the program.

Activities proposed in your application must meet the definition of a cultural and creative activity. ‘Cultural and Creative’ activity refers to activities involving human creativity as a major input. Cultural and Creative outputs would encompass activities connected with the arts, media, heritage, design, fashion and digital technology. And would include music theatre, dance, film and screen, visual arts, performance art and textiles both modern and traditional.

Further information about the types of activities that will best align with the Maitri Program and Centre outcomes and objectives is included in Sec 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 About the Grants.

The Grant Opportunity Guidelines can be viewed here

The three individual grant opportunities are:

  1. Maitri Cultural Partnership Major Collaboration Grants of between $125,000 and $250,000 (Total grant package of $500,000)
  2. Maitri Cultural Partnerships First Nations Collaboration Grants that support First Nations collaboration of between $40,000 and $250,000 (Total grant package of $500,000)
  3. Maitri Cultural Partnership Grants of between $20,000 and $90,000 (Total grant package of $500,000).

The objectives of the Cultural Partnerships Grant opportunity 2023-24 are the following:

Objective 1. Fund two-way collaboration activities (like residencies, exchanges, events, exhibitions, and workshops)

Objective 2. Develop and deliver a new collaboration activity, or expand an existing activity that supports stronger bilateral cultural collaboration over time

Objective 3. Provide a platform for the promotion of the Centre, its mission, policy goals and outcomes (e.g. the four complementary pillars)

Objective 4. Elevate public discourse about Australia-India relations through the activity inclusive of promotion and marketing activities, social media, general media, and advertising.

The intended outcomes of the Cultural Partnership Grants Program are:

Outcome 1. To build two-way cultural understanding of a modern Australia and India

Outcome 2. To enhance collaborations between Australian and Indian cultural institutions and organisations

Outcome 3. To establish sector-to-sector, organisation-to-organisation, peer-to-peer relationships and partnerships that Australian and Indian cultural and creative organisations can build on to develop future programs, tours, exhibitions, and events.

The Department will use key performance indicators in surveys, independent reports, and targeted consultations to measure the success of all grant activities and projects. This data will be used to inform themes and foci for all subsequent grant rounds offered under the Maitri Grant Program.

We wish you well and thank you for taking the time to apply for this grant.